Odyssey is a youth ministry team composed of two former iSC teachers as well as teachers and staff from each iSC who serve as Odyssey Representatives.  


Odyssey partners with iSC Schools to help students pursue their created identity and purpose, for their good and God’s glory.


There are 3-tiers of how Odyssey is involved with iSC Schools.

  • Odyssey Led Events
    1. iSC High School Student Council Retreat (held at the end of August)
    2. LDi  Youth Retreat (held in the Fall Semester)
    3. Senior Departure Seminar (held in January)
    4. Yunnan Service Trip (held in June)
    5. Philippines Service Trip (held during Chinese New Year – starting 2017 will be Odyssey-led)
  • Odyssey Supported Events
    1. iSC Vidas (held in October and November rotating between host schools Tianjin International School, International School of Qingdao, and Chengdu International School)
    2. iSC Tournaments
      1. High School Volleyball (October)
      2. Middle School Soccer (November)
      3. High School Basketball (February)
      4. High School Soccer (April)
      5. Middle School Basketball (April)
  • Odyssey Local Events
    1. Campus Visits
      1. Student Workshops
      2. Assemblies
      3. Staff Training
    2. Database of Resources for iSC Student Development
      1. Assembly
      2. Advisory
      3. Fall Camp ideas
      4. Spring Trip ideas