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Sticking with Graduates Another Year

“Goodbye and Good Luck!” For many, high school graduation marks the end of childhood as graduates typically transition to college, military service, or the world of work in the few months that follow. Consequently, many once-important relationships quickly fade to fond memories as the young adults shift their attention and energies into what lies ahead of them. However, those of […]

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Knowing God’s Will: Choosing a College (#2)

For most Christian students, choosing the college or university they will attend is one of the biggest single choices they will make in their young lives. In my last blog, I discussed some of the common mistakes students fall prey to when making their decision. In this blog, I will offer some suggestions to help students and families align their […]

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Knowing God’s Will: Choosing a College (#1)

Common Errors When Choosing A College “Where are you going to college?” is one of the most frequent questions faced by high school seniors in our ISC school system. It’s also one of the most emotionally loaded questions students face in their later high school years. For Christian students, it’s most-likely their first big “discerning God’s will” decision. So many […]

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Knowing God’s Will: Common Myths

As I work with youth across the ISC system, I have discovered some common myths students believe or attitudes they tend to have regarding the topic of God’s will. First of all, if I were to be completely honest, I would say that the majority of the students in our schools do not even realize that God has a will […]

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Knowing God’s Will: Intro

This is part one of a four-part series: “How do I know what God’s will is for my life?” I think that question is intimidating for every Christian teenager. I think it is intimidating for the majority of Christian adults, too! I know it often is for me. At our annual student leadership meetings to prepare for the student-led Vida […]

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Relevancy is Opportunity

At a recent meeting with a small group of student leaders preparing to lead a youth conference in November, I was challenged to think about a facet or category of leadership which I had never thought of before: relevancy. I was sitting with a small group of the larger team, three to be exact, discussing the fact that there were […]

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Identity, Belief, Character

Our identity, our beliefs, and our character are all interconnected. This post is longer than usual, but I hope you’ll follow my muse all the way to the end. Character is what results from a series of choices one makes. Character is a neutral word; you can be a person of good character or bad character. So, the quality of […]

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“It wasn’t something that brought the change, but it was someone.”

(Featured Image: “Moving from a house in the suburbs to an apartment in the city was a challenge.”) As a 14 year-old TCK living in China, I have struggled with a lot. One of these problems is that TCKs don’t always know their identity. I could say, “Yeah! I’m American, and I live in China!” But who you appear to […]

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Mission First. Partnerships Always.

Odyssey is a youth ministry serving the six schools, which comprise the International Schools of China (ISC). We partner with each school to effectively develop students to become all that they were created by God to be, for their good and His glory. If you look closely at Odyssey’s guiding mission statement and read between the lines a little bit, […]

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Want Confident and Inspired Leaders In Your School? Here’s How!

A family that used to work at my school adopted a Chinese girl a few years ago named Anna. After adoption, many families face a huge challenge of trying to break through the insecurities, fears and walls that build up in children that have been orphaned or abandoned by their parents. It takes years of unfailing love to begin to […]

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