Want Confident and Inspired Leaders In Your School? Here’s How!

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Want Confident and Inspired Leaders In Your School? Here’s How!

A family that used to work at my school adopted a Chinese girl a few years ago named Anna. After adoption, many families face a huge challenge of trying to break through the insecurities, fears and walls that build up in children that have been orphaned or abandoned by their parents. It takes years of unfailing love to begin to break down those walls, and often the child still struggles with insecurity and fear of intimacy for the rest of their lives.

However, even though she was adopted, Anna is different. When I go to her home, she is the first to greet me. She grabs my arm and instantly pulls me over to her dress up closet where she begins to model for me her newest outfits. “You look beautiful!” I say. “I know”, she replies with a smile. She then begins to dress me up- putting on makeup and pulling out her favorite costume items. “You are so pretty”, she says over and over again as she brushes my hair and pats my face. Later on she asks if I would like to see her dance. She begins to sing loudly at the top of her lungs, and twirl to her newly created song. She then giggles and leaps back into my lap.

What gives her this confidence? The answer came from her adopted mother: Anna truly knows that she is loved. This is the key to confidence- an unwavering belief in the fact that one is accepted and loved beyond a shadow of a doubt. The more confident Anna was, the more freely she was able to encourage me, and make me feel loved in return. TCK’s in particular deal with more loss and abandonment than any other people group in the world. They often live in a perpetual state of transition, as either they move, or their close friends and mentors move away from them. While their parents often are not abandoning them, TCK’s still struggle with the same fears of abandonment, isolation and loneliness that plague many children who are orphans.

Here lies our task- we must help them know and believe that they are loved. It is only in this that they will be able to walk in true confidence, and begin to transform our schools and the world.

Perfect love drives out fear. 1 John 4:18